This 25+ year veteran of the squared circle started amateur wrestling in high school at the age of 15 and then turned pro in 1987 at the age of 18 and has since then faced many superstars in many different countries around the globe. As a young man he went to his first live wrestling show with his father at the "Mecca of Professional Wrestling", Madison Squared Garden in N.Y.C. It was there while watching Chief Jay Strongbow and Jules Strongbow (W.W.W.F. Tag Team Champions) battle against Afa and Sika, "The Wild Samoans" accompanied by Capt. Lou Albano that he knew he wanted to be in the ring someday as a competitor. Little did he realize that 12 years later, he would be doing just that when in 1992 he worked in a tag team match with El Bronco against the late Louie Spicolli and Diamond Dallas Page at an I.W.A./A.A.A. show right there at "The Garden".

 Born in the late 60's in N.Y.C., he started watching wrestling in the 70's and was immediately attracted to the rulebreakers in the sport. There was Baron Mikel Scicluna, Tiger Jeet Singh, Abdullah The Butcher, George "The Animal" Steele and of course, The Sheik. He would stay up till midnight on Saturdays to catch W.W.W.F. programs and then at 2:00am, A.W.A. wrestling would come on and his dreams of becoming a pro wrestler start to take shape. Now he's the one traveling around the globe entertaining audiences. He's worked in Europe, Asia, The Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, South America and all over the U.S. In keeping with the styles of The Sheik and Abby, he too brings foreign objects into the ring along with his wrestling ability to use against his opponents to acheive the most awesome goal with the fans...THE ULTIMATE HEAT!

 Trained at the famed Gleason's Gym on Front St. in Brooklyn, N.Y. first by Bobby Bold Eagle then by "The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz, he had his first pro match in 1987 at the Ridgewood Arena in Queens, N.Y. against the veteran Nikolai Volkoff. He worked on several of Johnny's shows that year then he went off to work for W.W.C. (Puerto Rico), Joint Promotions (England) and other companies in the U.S. during the following years where he improved his in-ring and overall experience working and collaborating with and against major names like Frank "Bruiser" Brody, Stan "The Lariat" Hansen, Abdullah The Butcher, Harley Race, Carlos Colon, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and others. He's worked under the names Al Bold Eagle, Dancing Wolf, Ky-ote and Pedro Santos, but as the arabic heel, Prince Al Farat he has finally found his true calling...RULEBREAKING and making fans love to hate him!

CONTACT INFO: princealfarat@yahoo.com AND/OR santosnkyote@hotmail.com  


UWWA Jr. Champion (New York, Pennsylvania) 5/88-1/89

CWA Las Americas Champion (Mexico, Guatemala) 2/90-3/90

Joint Promotions Tag Team Champions w. Bobby Bold Eagle (U.K., Germany) 9/90-10/90

AWF Tag Team Champions w. White Wolf (Puerto Rico) 5/92-6/92

IWCCW Tag Team Champions w. White Wolf (Northeast U.S.) 6/92-6/93

NWF Tag Team Champions w. Jules Strongbow (Conneticut, Massachusetts) 6/93-8/93

WWA Tag Team Champions w. Jules Strongbow (New York, Pennsylvania) 8/93-10/93

AICW Hardcore Champion (Florida) 1/96-1/96

CWC Hardcore Champion (Florida, Dominican Republic) 3/98-5/98

GCWF Tag Team Champions w. Bryan Hart (Lousiana, Texas, Alabama) 1/96-2/96

UWWF Tag Team Champions w. Bryan Hart (Louisiana) 1/96-1/97

BWA Tag Team Champions w. Bryan Hart (Alabama) 2/97-4/97

IWF Tag Team Champions w. Renegade (Florida) 5/04-2/05

WAE Tag Team Champions w. Chief Warcloud (Arizona, California) 4/06-4/06

AACW Champion (Oklahoma) 6/06-8/06

UWF Champion (Oklahoma, Texas) 11/07-1/08

3DW Violent Division Champion (Oklahoma) 4/08-4/08

MSWA Champion (Oklahoma) 9/07-9/08

NWA-OK Tag Team Champions w. Thomas Trump (Oklahoma) 4/08-7/09

3DW Dual Kombat Tag Team Champions w. Thomas Trump (Oklahoma) 8/08-8/08

TCBW Tag Team Champions w. Thomas Trump (Oklahoma) 8/08-7/09

TWF Tag Team Champions w. Thomas Trump (Texas) 8/08-10/08

NWA-SW Texas Tag Team Champions w. Thomas Trump (Texas) 10/08-3/09

IWC Tag Team Champions w. El Borincano (Florida, Puerto Rico) 11/08-1/12

IWC Tag Team Champions w. Thomas Trump (Chicago) 1/09-6/09

IHWE Champion (Texas) 7/09-7/09

TPW Tag Team Champions w. Tom Donovan (Chicago) 1/10-8/10

NWA-OK Tag Team Champions w. Gurkha Singh (Oklahoma) 4/10-9/10

NWA-PWF "Amarillo Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame" Inducted on 1/11

NWA Top Of Texas Champion (Texas) 7/11-2/12

IHWE "Texas Hall Of Fame" Inducted on 4/12

CWF International Champion (Texas) 8/13-1/14

CWF Tag Team Champions w. Akbar Farat (Texas) 9/14-PRESENT 





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